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Snapper Season Is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2023 is going to be one of those years that all charter fishermen remember especially here at Captain Blacks! Our boats have been bringing in fine catches of Red Snapper and various other reef fish all great table fare. Our 6 hour trips have been successful and is our minimum Red Snapper trip. Our 8 hour trips have seen similar results but with more time to fish for other species of reefs fish. Our 10 and 12 hour trips have been producing exceptional catches seeing some Large Snapper, grouper, scamp with a good shot at catching a large pelagic fish such as Wahoo, Tuna, and Sailfish. We have had our best year ever this year for Wahoo which is one of the best eating fish out there and one of the hardest fitting. On our way to the reefs we high speed troll a variety of lures in search of these speedy electric blue fish and when they strike you understand how they got their name. Line will often scream off the reel so fast it looks like a blur with the deckhand shouting instructions to the angler about how to get these large pelagic fish in. The captain will have to maneuver the boat so that the fish is in the right position for gaffing. When everything goes well the fish is brought into the boat and there are lots of high fives smiles and pic taken. Come be a part of this exceptional year of fish aboard one of our vessels. #captainblacksfishing


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