Charter Pricing 2020 Season   Inshore/OffShore  up to 6 anglers   

4 Hours                 6 hours                  8 Hours                      10 Hours                 12 hrs     16 hrs  24 hrs       CALL FOR PRICING!                                                                                  


We also offer a 16 hr Blue Water Trip. This trip leaves early in the morning and we troll the deep blue waters offshore of Panama City Beach. Target species are Dolphin ( Mahi Mahi) Tuna, Wahoo, and Billfish.    


* Dead Bait, tackle, ice and license is provided for you. 

* You are welcome to bring drinks and food in a cooler.

* Alcohol is to be consumed in a reasonable manner.          * Tips are appreciated!  A thank you for a job well done. 

* Bring a cooler for your fish  there are two fish houses that clean your fish bagged iced, and ready for travel.

 Please make arrangements to pay cash for your trip.  As a convenience we take deposits by credit card Master Card and Visa. Due to credit card fraud we no longer accept credit cards for payments of charters.  You will pay for your charter with cash. No shows will be charged for the trip, cancellations within 48 hours incur a $200 charge

Captain Black's  "Shark Challenge"

Match your strength and endurance against one of the greatest predators known to man....JAWS! It's  something the Captain has always excelled in and he takes pride in hooking into the big ones. In fact Captain Black considers sharks under 6 feet a little ones. Captain Black is a tournment winner and has landed shark's in excess of 16 feet long! 

Take one of our Shark Challenege trips and have your catch measured against the rest of the charters during the year. The Largest Shark caught will receive a plaque crowning you the Captain Black's Shark Challege Champion  and a permanent place  on Captain Black's Website for all your friends and other anglers to see.

4hr  800          6hr 1200.    8hr 1600


Leader Board Ends Oct 31st

All measurements made with Shark in Water. Weight estimate is based on Noaa historical reference and rounded to the closest half foot. In case of a tie the longest actual length prevails.

2014 Winners Congratulations

1st Charles Gibbons      10' 6" Great Hammerhead  598 lbs

2nd Dan Petrol                  9' 6" Tiger                    592 lbs

3rd Caroline Jennings       8' 0" Dusky                      320 lb



2015 Winners

!st  Ha Hoang                           12' 6"   Tiger Shark 713 lbs

2nd  Kevin Mann                        9'0"  Tiger Shark  483 lbs

3nd Stanley Harpool                    8'6" Tiger Shark   397lbs


2016 Leader Board

!st  Dave H.                              7" Dusky    257 Lbs         July

2nd Robin Sisson                     6' 6" Bull Shark  248lbs   Oct

3rd Mary Mattel                      4'   Black Tip    84 lbs       June



2017 Leader Board

!st  Carroll Rust                             10'2" Great hammerhead    498lbs   Aug

2nd Mikaira Lewis                         10'5" Tiger     438lbs      May

3rd Rink Stekinski                           9'7" Tiger      387lbs     April


2018 Leader Board

1st  Jerius Richmunds                              11'2" Tiger   517lbs        May

2nd  Steven Coridsbroom                       9'2"  Tiger   439 lbs      June

3rd Kyler Graves                                     8'6"  Tiger   354lbs      Sept


2019 Leader Board

!st  Mike Brother                             9'11"  Bull    384lbs         July

2nd Debbie Rollenz                         9'2"  Great hammerhead  434lbs June

3rd  Jeff Jones                                  8'8"  Bull     312lbs       Oct



2020 Leader Board