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Shark Week....More like Month!

The sun is low and is starting to slip below the horizon. Red globs of molten gases seem to melt into the water as an intense scene unfolds to the west. The air cools a bit as the sun finally finishes its work and goes into hiding for the next 10 hours. The cameras flash as the last remnants of light are putting on what is surely the greatest show on earth, sunset on Panama City Beach. The wind seems to fall out and the seas start to subside. Everything around you seems to be in harmony with the sea. The salt air is thick and there is an aroma of fish oil on the water as a school of Bonita feeding on herring rip through. It all seems as though the perfect picture has been painted and your heart slows down as you ease back in your seat to relax. Click click click click click click.....the Captain steps to the far side of the boat where Bertha the Captains favorite shark reel is sitting. As he put the first baits out he leaned over and patted the reel whispering something that could not be heard to those on the boat. But now he is speaking in an audible voice. As earlier he leans in and tells to her "go get him big girl, he is all ours now" The reels clicker picks up speed and everyone's heart is pounding as the line disappears from the reel. The Captain widens his stance and leans over suddenly swinging the rod back to set the hook. One time two and then several more before the rod bends double and the fight is on.

When it comes to shark fishing we have been doing it a very long time. Having caught sharks in excess of 16 feet and over one thousand pounds I can tell you that nothing gets the blood boiling like a clicker going off at sunset and line screaming from the reel. These are incredibly fierce and hard fighting fish that will test the strength and endurance of anyone. If you ever wanted to experience your biggest fish ever you have come to the right place. We absolutely love to go shark fishing and showing you how we do it. So get your camera and eat your Wheaties and experience the Battle with the the Beast, Jaws.



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