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I have heard Captains say they do not like kids aboard their boats because they ask too many questions or they get into everything, but I tend to disagree with that premise. Yes kids are inquisitive and when you have been running hard like we all do during the season I guess that could wear on someone who does not really appreciate all that the young ones bring to the table. To me personally and as a professional captain kids demonstrate the basic premise of why we should not only like them on our vessels but love them being there. Kids bring an energy to any adventure they are involved that is not easily matched. Everything you show them is generally something new and exciting and they are like sponges soaking up every detail and often raising thought provoking questions. Since a kid is not going to book a charter fishing trip that often means that either one or more parents are on the trip with them. What could be better than helping to shape memories of a childhood and you being a part of that memory. I often have kids that have grown into adults and now bring their kids aboard because they have fond childhood memories and want to relive them with their kids. I often say that women and kids often catch the largest fish on our boats. This may be dues to the fact that they do not try to force a big fish in and giving it a chance to tire before coming to the boat. This is how most big fish are caught, after all their mouth is not made of K

Huge Smiles say it all!

evlar! As for Captain Black's Fishing we will not only welcome kids aboard our boats but will encourage it. Next time you go fishing make sure to take the kids with you. you will be making memories and forming bonds that will last a life time.

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