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Here comes Red Snapper!

As May approached so did one of the most anticipated fishing events of the year. No it is not a tournament it is much more important than that. The powers that be decided that Red Snapper would open on weekends in May to the delight of fisherman and around the state. Boats were prepped and the excitement built. Captain Jack and Captain Charlie and crew were busy loading up on prime baits to sell to the onslaught of fishermen that would to surely come in search of the best baits they could find. State Charter Boats also were ready for the opening as they were busy booking trips for the opening rush. The 'Captain Black' is a state charter boat that will receive its share of the 2016 season and we are looking forward to adding these fish to our already great selection of available targets. You might ask why Red Snapper is so important to our local fishery when we have so many other varieties of fish to target. The answer is simple yet complex and deserves to be explored. Snapper come in many varieties and many of them are caught here in Panama City Beach. White Snapper, Black Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Hog Snapper, Big Eye Snapper are all caught around this area but the king of the Snapper family is the Red Snapper. While all Varieties of the Snapper family share the light delicate flavor the main differences are the texture of the meat. I have personally had 30 plus pound Red Snapper caught aboard my boat while the state record is over 46 pounds. When hooked these fish put up a great fight and can be caught with a variety of techniques. They are also caught in reasonably shallow waters on a variety of hard bottom reefs, artificial reefs and sometimes just wandering around out in the sandy bottom. If you are looking for a great fight and excellent eating look no further than the undisputed "King of the Gulf" the Red Snapper. 850-238-7048

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